Some of our young adult clients don’t need to be looked after in the traditional sense, they require more in the way of life skills, confidence building and “normal” experiences that some would class as everyday activities but with someone who is experienced at facilitating this, who has lots of patience, care, attention and focus, lots of smiles and lets not forget heaps of fun! We have highly trained and passionate Superstar Mentors that can help your young adult aim to achieve new skills and confidence levels either on their holidays, or in their everyday life here on Ibiza. 


The cost is the same as our regular childcare, however a fuel charge will be added depending on what activities, adventures, drive arounds that your child does with their Superstar Mentor during the booking.


From €22 per hour plus fuel

Discounts can be applied please contact us for more details. 

Call Us: +34 697 675 434   

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